Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
March 16, 2024 at 11AM
Mallary Complex, Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

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Consignor Information

DOB: 12/2/23
Consigned by: Medallion Jerseys, Fair Haven, VT

Full sister - Medallion Megapower Rhinestone
2022: 5th Winter Calf AAJS/Louisville; 1st OH State Fair

Sire - River Valley PF Megapower-ET, a Megatron son of Hi-Kel TBone Pfenning-ET, EX90, 3-07 305d 21200M 4.8% 1015F 3.7% 781P

Dam - Billings Mason Ruby of Medallion
840003124591978   EX91
2018: 3rd Sr 2 Addison Cty (VT) Field Days

2nd Dam - Billings Grand Prix Rally
840003012564160   VG82
Maternal sister: EX90 Impression

3rd Dam - Billings Excitation Rayna-ET
116133661   VG86
3-08 302d 15360M 4.8% 743F 3.7% 563P
4-08 305d 17280M 5.0% 860F 3.7% 644P
Maternal sister: VG87 Hired Gun

4th Dam - Rosannes Royalty of Billings-ET
112878414   EX90
3-05 305d 17760M 4.9% 873F 3.4% 607P
Full sisters: VG88 Regalia; VG86 Rosie
Maternal sisters: EX93 Sambo; EX92 & VG88 Patricks; EX90 Duaiseoir; VG88 Sparkler; VG87 & VG85 Regals; VG87 Brass Major; VG86 Counciller; VG86 Renaissance

5th Dam - Juno Rosanne of Nettle Creek-ET
4010124   EX91
3-06 305d 16390M 4.7% 776F 3.9% 643P
5-03 305d 19670M 5.6% 1097F 3.7% 733P
6-11 305d 16290M 5.2% 851F 3.9% 630P
Maternal sister: EX90 Berretta

6th Dam - Billings Top Rosanne
3376974   EX96
4-01 296d 16090M 5.5% 885F 4.0% 650P
6-07 305d 19490M 5.8% 1138F 4.1% 802P
7-11 305d 16430M 5.5% 903F 4.1% 668P
8-11 305d 16810M 5.5% 931F 3.9% 655P
Lifetime 104230M 5.7% 5918F 4.0% 4165P
2015: Finalist, Jersey Journal Great Cow Contest
1989: Grand Champ AAJS/Louisville
1988: Grand Champ AAJS/Louisville; Res Grand Champ RAWF
1987: Reserve Winner Natl Jersey Jug Contest; Res Grand Champ AAJS/Louisville
Maternal sisters: EX92 Milestone C; VG88 Zorro

7th Dam - Billings TC Rose
3119214   EX95
1980: Res Jr Champ AAJS/Louisville
Maternal sisters: EX90 Sheriff

8th Dam - Vaucluse Surville Stella Rose
2873479   EX90

9th Dam - Golden Jesters Star
2571130   EX92
Maternal sister: EX90 Golden Etta Star

10th Dam - Chiefs Advancer Jester Rose
2252753   EX92
Maternal sister: EX90 Toreador

11th Dam - Advancer Favorite Jo
1971945   EX92

Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
March 16, 2024
Mallary Complex, Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

Proceeds from the Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale help support the Massachusetts 4-H Dairy Program.