Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
March 18, 2023 at 11AM
Mallary Complex, Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

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Consignor Information

DOB: 9/3/22
Consigned by: Colleen Underhill, Piermont, NH

Sire - Mr Maddies Colton Machine, a Colton son of Stoney Point Gunman Maddie, EX92, 2019 Res AA Sr 3 Y/O, 2nd & HM Int Champ AAJS/Louisvile & CA State Fair, 4-05 209d 15330M 3.9% 602F 3.5% 535P

Dam - JSBriarpatch Premier Fiesty
840003134110928   VG88
3-06 305d 13770M 6.4% 881F 4.1% 571P
4-11 296d 14760M 6.0% 881F 3.9% 582P
Twin sister: VG85 Lucky

2nd Dam - Avonlea Velocity Karmel
12121388   GP83
Maternal sister: VG88 Minister

3rd Dam - Ratliff Action Kurious-ET
116894706   EX91-2E
6-11 305d 14544M 5.3% 766F 4.0% 583P
Lifetime 81629M 5.1% 4127F 3.9% 3181P
Full sister: EX90 Kameo; EX90 Kutie; VG88 Klondike; VG86 Katlyn; VG85 Kadey; VG85 Kelby
Maternal sisters: EX95, EX95, EX93, EX91 & VG87 Rennaisances; EX95, EX93, EX90, EX90, VG87 & VG87 First Prizes; EX93, EX92, EX91, EX90, EX90, VG87 & VG86 Sambos; EX93, EX91, EX90, VG87, VG86 & VG85 Ministers; EX92, EX90, EX90 & EX90 Amedeos; EX91 & VG85 Socrates; EX91 Verify; EX90 & VG87 Governors; EX90 Crown Royal; VG88 & VG85 Comericas; VG88 Ressurection; VG87 Whistler; VG85 Response

4th Dam - Avonlea D Jude Karmel
10019476   EX94
4-6 305d 19730M 4.3% 847F 3.5% 686P
3rd ABA Brood Cow Contest
2002: Jr All-American 4 Y/O; 1st AAJS/Louisville Jr Show; 10th WDE
2000: Jr All-American Sr 2 Y/O; 1st AAJS/Louisville Jr Show; 3rd AAJS/Louisville
1999: Nom All-Canadian Fall Yrlg; 5th Yearling in Milk WDE & RAWF

5th Dam - Avonlea Juno Kersey-ET
580190   GP80 @ 2-07
6-02 305d 15946M 4.3% 682F 3.9% 614P
Lifetime 82119M 4.5% 3681F 3.9% 3238P
Full sisters: EX94-4E Kracker; EX92-4E Kaderly; VG88 Kelsey
Maternal sisters: SUP-EX90-2 Gemni; SUP-EX Avonlea Starfire; EX90-2E Jude; VG88 & VG88 Avonlea Titles; VG87 Generator; VG86 Grove

6th Dam - Avonlea Valiant Kitty 15N
504044   EX-3E   6 Star Brood Cow
Lifetime 69621M 5.6% 3872F 4.2% 2497P
Nominated 7X in Milking Form: 2X All-Canadian; 2X Res All-Canadian; 1X HHM All-Canadian
1989: 4th Mature Cow RAWF
1988: 1st Mature Cow RAWF
1984: Grand AAJS/Louisville; 1st Royal Intl Futurity
Maternal sisters: EX & VG86 Purlies; EX Jodys Imperial Surville; VG85 Canadian Club

7th Dam - Avonlea Advance Fairy
469350   EX91   1 Star Brood Cow
6-00 305d 15627M 5.1% 803F
Lifetime 136517M 5.0% 6787F 3.8% 1581P
Full sisters: EX90 Fairy; VG88 Goldie; VG85 Golden Girl
Maternal sisters: EX90 Sleeping Advancer; VG85 Sleeper Valiant; VG85 Starfire

8th Dam - Avonlea Records Golden Fairy
412193   SUP-EX90   2 Star Brood Cow
Lifetime 107110M 5.4% 5806F

Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
March 18, 2023
Mallary Complex, Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

Proceeds from the Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale go to the Massachusetts 4-H Dairy Program.