Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
March 16, 2024 at 11AM
Mallary Complex, Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

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Consignor Information

DOB: 9/10/23
Consigned by: Mike Maloney, North Bangor, NY

Maternal sister: EX91 Colton

Sire - Rapid Bay Carpet Ride, a Joyride son of Rapid Bay Genie in a Bottle-ET, EX92, 2-04 305d 16929M 5.4% 920F 3.8% 636P

Dam - Elliotts Tequila Suspense-ET
118128843   EX94
3-08 305d 22110M 4.2% 933F 3.4% 749P
4-09 302d 17780M 5.0% 895F 3.6% 633P
Full sister: EX91 Seniorita; EX90 Silver
Maternal sisters: EX95, EX93, EX91, EX90 & EX90 Voltages; EX95, EX94, EX91 & VG88 Impressions; EX94, EX93, EX93 & EX91 Comericas; EX93 & EX90 Hired Guns; EX92 Excitement; EX91, EX90 & VG88 Premiers

2nd Dam - Milo Vindication Season-ET
115088306   EX94-3E
4-06 305d 20610M 6.2% 1269F 3.6% 735P
6-00 305d 18160M 18160M 6.0% 1098F 3.8% 699P
7-05 305d 15640M 6.5% 1009F 3.8% 592P
9-04 305d 16790M 5.9% 986F 3.6% 609P
2013: HM All-Canadian Mature Cow; 3rd RAWF; 5th Intl/WDE
2012: All-Canadian & ABA All-American Mature Cow; 1st RAWF; 1st Intl/WDE; 1st, Sr & Grand Champ NY Spring Show
2010: ABA All-American 4 Y/O; 1st Central Natl/WDE
2009: Res ABA All-American Sr 3; 1st Central Natl/WDE
Full sisters: EX92-3E Star; VG88 Sea Sea; VG88 Snow
Maternal sisters: EX93-4E Premonition; EX93-3E, EX93 & EX90 Centurions; EX93-3E & VG85 Perimiters; EX93 & VG85 Judes; EX93 Sultan; EX92-2E & EX90 First Prizes;  EX91 & EX91 Deans; VG89 Remake; VG89 Verbatim; VG88 Excitation; VG88 Governor

3rd Dam - Bri-Lin Rens Sofie
599566   EX90
2-04 305d 15546M 5.3% 829F 3.9% 606P
2015: 7th Place Winner/Great Cow Contest
2012: Jersey Canada Cow of the Year
2000: 1st 4 Y/O NY Spring Show & Big E
1998: 5th Sr 2 Central Natl/WDE
1997: Res Jr Champ Oxford Parish
Full sisters: EX95-5E Sadie; EX95-3E Salsa; SUP-EX9-7E Silk; VG89 Sophia; VG85 Satin; VG85 Solara
Maternal sisters: SUP-EX92-7E, EX92-4E, VG87 & VG85 Regals; EX92-4E & VG85 Just Waits; EX90-2E Jenks; EX90 Mr Breeze

4th Dam - Bri-Lin Imperial Snow
569732   VG86   11 Star Brood Cow
3-03 305d 15497M 5.2% 805F 4.3% 664P
4-04 303d 15693M 5.3% 832F 4.4% 686P
5-03 305d 16614M 16614M 5.4% 902F 4.1% 689P
6-06 305d 19584M 5.2% 1023F 3.9% 770P
7-07 305d 15129M 5.3% 801F 4.0% 609P
Lifetime 138043M 5.4% 7443F 4.2% 5724P
Full sister: EX Flurrie

5th Dam - Diarwood Silver Snowball 5S
519725   VG85
Maternal sister: VG86 Title

6th Dam - Diarwood Julie Spot 3J
477616   VG86
Lifetime 110471M 4.7% 5133F 3.8% 2581P
Maternal sister: VG85 Title

7th Dam - Diarwood Sheltas Beauty
463837   VG86
Maternal sisters: VG86 Linesman; VG85 Falcon

Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale
March 16, 2024
Mallary Complex, Eastern States Exposition
1305 Memorial Ave, West Springfield, MA

Proceeds from the Massachusetts Blue Ribbon Calf Sale help support the Massachusetts 4-H Dairy Program.